What is a Refurbished product | Tips to buy Refurbished products


What is a Refurbished product Tips to buy Refurbished products

When we enter Flipkart there is one seperate section which is for refurbished products which is named under subbrand named 2Gud, In amazon also we will find some products, renewed dialogue will be written before them, so what is the meaning of refurbished and what does renewed in amazon mean, what is amazon certified refurbished. So lets check it out.




Meaning of Refurbished and what is a Refurbished product ?

 According to Google Dictionary the meaning of refurbished is given as to redecorate and renovate something, lets consider refurbished phones, so while final quality inspection test the phone does not pass the quality check or if any customer sends the faulty product to the amazon then amazon will again send this product to the manufacturer and the manufacturer will remove the faults in that product and will try to make it like new phone without any of the previous faults and that is what manufacturer refurbished means or say refurbished product means. As the process of refurbishing the product is not transperant to the end consumer there is no garrenty that the product will be that good or not, but the one thing is for sure that the product will be in the working condition. The quality of the refurbished product is also provided by the flipkart and amazon ranging from best condition to worst condition and the product in best condition is likely to be the same product as the new one and on the other side the worst product will not be given any manufacturer warrenty but it will be in the working condition. Now lets discuss the journey through which the product goes before launching refurbished product on a website.


Journey of Refurbished product

  • We all know that amazon and flipkart both have 15 days product return policy and money back guarantee
  • when any customer purchase any product and he does not like it or finds some fault in it, he requests return of the product to the flipkart and amazon.
  • The flipkart or amazon delivery guy comes and sees if there is any scratch, wear and tear or damage to the product done by customer. After testing if he finds the product in good condition then he takes this product back to amazon again.
  • Now the product arrives to amazon and it is then sent to the manufacturer again to check the fault in it and to repair and renew the product. The Manufacturer repairs the product and tries to regain product to its original state.
  • After Refurbishing the product comes back to amazon or flipkart and it is added to the respective flipkart refurbished and amazon renewed section. According to the condition of the product the price of the product is decided. ‘RENEWED’ Or ‘REFURBISHED’ is written before those products.

Things to be Noted

  • On Many of the products warrenty period is reduced to six months or less than that.
  • Many products do not have any warrenty with them.
  • You should check 15 day return policy before buying renewed products.
  • In many cases the quality and condition of the product is written over the product, Check the quality and condition written on thr product for eg. good, best etc
  • Take a Note that Quality and condition of the products available also depends upon the category of the product.
  • DON’T buy Refurbished products of High Cost.


Advantages of buying refurbished products

  • Refurbished products are at little lower prices than that of the original product
  • In many cases the products in the best condition are Brand new products. So in this case you can get Brand New product in lesser price than original.
  • In sale The discount available on this products is also very good.

Disadvantages of refurbished products

  • The biggest disadvantage of them is that there is no surity that the quality of this product will be good or bad.
  • The price drop on this products on normal days is very less.
  • There is no warranty or very less warranty available on many of the products.
  • Many times there is no option to return this product and the amount is not refundable, so this are the disadvantages of refurbished phones.


Tips and Tricks to buy refurbished products

  • Buy this products in times when the sale is ON, In sale you can get lot more discounts and offers on the products than normal days. for eg. Big billion days sale and Great indian days sale.
  • Buy the products which have Good or Best condition written on them.
  • Buy very less costly products so that the loss will not be that much.


My opinion

I will suggest you that dont go for buying refurbished products because the price drop on the products is not that huge to be considered and the prices are quite high and friends also their is no assurance of quality of product provided by the company so I wish you will not choose that option. Even if you have to choose then either buy them in the sale or buy them confirming that you are getting best quality in available.


Best Websites to buy refurbished products

There are two big giant eCommerce companies on which we can rely nowadays which are Flipkart and Amazon, On these websites you can get all the things of your jeed from beauty, kitchen and all the way to electronics and luxury. In flipkart there is sub site 2gud in which we can purchase this products.

There are many other good websites to go with like ebay, Techyuga, Quikr, Paytmmall, Shpclues, Electronics Bazaar and Overstock. These are some of the good websites you can try for buying your products.

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So friends in this article we saw what is the meaning of refurbished, what is a  refurbished product. We saw the process by which the refurbished products are made. Here we also saw the the advantages and disadvantages of refurbished products. We saw some trusted websites to buy refurnished products and the points to be kept in mind while purchasing these products.we also saw tips and tricks to buy refurbished product. Lastly I tried to share my opinion with you guys. I hope you liked this article and if you like this article then comment below which thing you liked.


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