What is Full form of News & News Meaning | Top 5 News Channels in India


What is Full form of News & News Meaning | Top 5 News Channels in India

In this Article we will discuss about what is full form of News, News Meaning and Top 5 News channels in India.


What is Full form of News & News Meaning | Top 5 News Channels in India

Many times we just Know the words but we don’t Know the logic behind the use of those words. In this Article such word is ‘NEWS’. This word is quite famous today, some years before the Televisions were so expensive and there was only one channel available to watch on it, which was ‘Doordarshan’ or say ‘DD National’. There were Two News Programs daily on this channel which only used to show some of the big events of India, At that time to show Every News in quite a bit details was not possible. Recently because of Evolution of Television and Cable Networks we can see many news channels available on our TV and They cover pretty much every detail, be it big or small. So let us understand the concept of News better…


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What is Full Form of News and News Meaning


Types of News


Top 5 News channels in India


What is full form of News and News Meaning

News does not have any full form as such, This term was coined in 14th century to Indicate ‘New’ or say New Happenings.

Many claim that the word NEWS stands for North East West South, Meaning, which covers each and every event form all the four directions, it can be of complete city or state or Nation or say complete World, There are plenty of channels available showing details of every seconds of Happenings in the world, The Events can be Current or can be of past happenings.

News can be accessed through different media sources like Television channels, Newspapers, News Applications, Social media, word of Mouth, eNewspapers, etc. The News can be based on specific country, Political situations, Nations, Economy, Technology, Bussiness, Entertainment, Sports, Science, Health, Local News, Entire World, Weather, Bollywood etc.


Recognized Types of News

As such there are various categories of News and they vary according to the different News channels, Applications and other media sources, therefore down below I have mentioned some Popular and well defining types of news.

International News – In this section user gets to see the News from different Nations like America, India, China, Russia, Japan etc. This type of news helps people of the country to get updates of the things going on all over the world. This also helps governments to know the situation of the country and new policies in that countries. This news can be used for betterment of own country by applying good policies implemented by other nationals.

National News – This News is Limited to the Nation itself. It tells about the climate conditions, Economics, Gold and Silver rates, Big Events in the specific region, New Policies implemented in different regions of the country, Agriculture, etc.

Local News – This News is limited up to the Local City or Village only. Users can Know about this news through special Channel provided by cable provider for that specific city or by reading the Newspaper’s special page for that city. This type of News is very helpful in getting Information about what is going on in our own city.

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Top 5 News Channels in India

There are over 300 to 500 News channels in India, Many of them are just a waste of time for a viewer because their content is not that good and worthy of Watching, on the other side there are many other channels which provide really exclusive and Important footages so are really worthy of watching. Such channels in TRP Race and in Viewers base score better. The TRP of the channels is decided based on the average watch time per user and Number of users watching that particular channel. TRP of the TV channels is determined by BARC ( Bhaba Atomic Research Center) So according to it the Top 5 News Channels in India are


1) Republic TV

This news channel was launched in 2017, Arnab Goswami is the co-founder and the largest stake holder of this news company. This channel was claimed for fake News and TRP scam recently. It has around 52 % of Market share.


2) Times Now

This Channel was launched on 23 January 2006. It was the most viewed and most popular news channel till the end of 2016 and now also if you will observe online it is now also the most popular channel online. Because of lesser TRP than republic tv channel now it stands on the second Position.


3) CNN News

Its full form is cable network news and it is American news based channel. It was founded in 1980 by ted turner and reese schonfeld. It was the first channel to provide all news coverage for 24 hours a day.


4) India Today

It is my favourite news channel because it does not spread rumours for false viewership and TRP. It conducts many useful programs like yoga sessions for wellbeing of people in general. The News on this channel is many times trustworthy and good so that’s why I also prefer to watch this one more.



Founder of this channel is Radhika roy and this channel was founded on year 1998. This channel is also a 24/7 news channel. It was the first channel which was giving live coverage of News live.


Now as per the list it may seem to you that the republic tv is the most watched News channel all over the india but according to recent evidence against Republic TV this channel authorities were actually interfering with the TRP and are suspected for TRP scam. Other channels also can be interfering with the TRP but No one knows, so many times reports do not explain complete truth.

So I will suggest you guys to watch all 5 News channels by yourself and then decide which one is worthy of your time and which one is best amongst them.


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In this article we have seen, what is full form of News and News meaning and we saw how the word News actually originated and how later people gave another meaning to it. We also saw the main categories or types of News as National, International and Local News and how they are categorized according to the regions and how all of them play very major role in providing appropriate news to the users. If you find this article useful then please comment with Yes below. If you have any queries then please comment below, I will be more than happy to help you guys.

So that’s it for this article on What is Full form of News & News Meaning | Top 5 News Channels in India.


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