What is Bff full form in English | What Bff means in Facebook


What is Bff full form in English | What Bff means in Facebook


What is Bff full form in English | What Bff means in Facebook

You guys must have noticed that daily on social media this word “Bff” is becoming so much popular that people very often use this word in their stories, photos, video animations, In their WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook status, etc.

Many not knowing the actual meaning of this word they satisfy themselves by some wrong interpretations like Best Friends friend, Boyfriend, etc. 

  There is one show named Big Boss in which Salman khan gives Bff band to the contestants, here Bff means Bed Friends Forever, but there is again one more meaning to it which is the actual meaning of Bff in social media that we will see in this article.

Bff full form in English

The full form of Bff in social media is “Best Friend Forever” &  for plural it can be written as “Best Friends Forever”. This full form of Bff is only applicable for social media & general use.

What does Bff mean?

“Bff” word is actually used to refer to the closest friend a person has, it is about that friend with whom a person has spent most years of his life or planning to spend the next coming years of his life. It is about that friend who has helped one so much that the person has utmost love and respect for him. Then to show such deep love between friends on social media the word Bff ( Best friends forever ) is used. 

Origin of word Bff

This word is taken from the word Best Friend, it is simply not possible to trace the roots of this word because it was a common concept in people’s minds from ages and ages, but this word was officially added to the American Oxford English Dictionary on 16th September 2010 but there are some evidences of the presence of this word in Oxford English Dictionary from 1987.


Commercial Use

This word Bff is used by Coca Cola soft drinks brand on their cans.

Social Media & Television Media

Many people nowadays use this word in their status for whatsapp, facebook and Instagram on their friend’s birthday or occasions like that. 

Best friends forever is the name of an American TV show which was played in 2012. 

One Episode from Comedy Central’s south park was given the name “Best Friends Forever”. 

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Final Words 

So here in this article, we saw What is Bff full form in english & What Bff means in Facebook and how this word is getting popular day after day on social media. 


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