TRP full form in media | TRP full form in English


TRP full form in media | TRP full form in English

TRP is the most important term in the Television industry, TRP full form in media is Television Rating Point and it is the barometer of popularity of the channel.


What does TRP mean?

TRP is a value that is used to indicate the popularity and rank of a specific channel or show with respect to other channels.TRP full form in media is Television rating point. Higher TRP is the indication that the channel or show is watched and liked by more viewers for more time. TRP is very important for advertisers. The higher the TRP the channel owners can charge more for placing ads on their channels. High paying Advertisers prefer those channels for placing ads which have higher TRP and good watch time. 

Who gives TRP in India?

BARC which is known as Broadcast Audience Research Council shows TRP channels every week on Thursdays. BAR-O-Meters are installed in the respective houses by BARC to get the viewership record. 

How is TRP calculated?

TRP is calculated as the ratio of total impressions delivered to the audience * 100 to Total Target Audience. 

Two methods used for the calculation of TRP?

People Monitoring People’s Meter

To ascertain TRP in this technique, A gadget is connected to the TV sets of not many thousand watchers’ homes to pass judgment. This gadget is called People’s meter and records the time and the program that the watcher watches on a specific day. After that a normal is taken for 30-day time span to know viewership status. Individuals’ meter is an exorbitant gadget which is imported from foreign country.

Picture Matching Mechanism

In this strategy, People’s meter constantly records a little segment of the image that is watched on a specific TV. After that information is gathered from the example homes and used to compute the public rating. This strategy is more dependable and relatively new in India.

Who is the No 1 TRP show in India and what is its rating?

The show named kundali bhagya which is shown on Zee TV is spotted to gain the highest TRP amongst all of its competitors mainly Anupamaa, gum hai kisike Pyaar me, Tarak Mehta ka ultah chasma. 


Which TV channel has highest TRP?

Star Plus is the channel which is ranking in the top position and has a TRP rating of 224, Colors TV is ranking on the second position, Sab TV is on the second number with 157 points and Zee TV is on the fourth with 131 points.   


How does TV channels earn money?

We all know that every television channel makes money mostly from advertisements and the advertisers are ready to pay a high amount of money to the channels having more viewership on them. Big TV channels make millions, billions and even trillions by advertising. 


What is the TRP of Big Boss 13

Big Boss 13 has got a total of 10.5 million impressions. 


What is TRP of Kapil Sharma show?

For week 31 Kapil Sharma show has taken over the Kundali Bhagya and is ranking on the first position. 


How do TV serials make money?

Television channels earn money by providing permission to advertisers to place ads in breaks between programs. More the TRP rating TV channels can charge more to advertisers for placing ads.








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