OK Full Form In English



OK Full Form In English

In this Article you will get to know about the OK full form in English, How this word Originated and How it became Popular in the centuries.

The word Ok, should actually be written as O.K. because it is an abbreviation of word Oll Korrect, but because people started to use this short form frequently in their speech and writing and because Ok was Easier to write and Pronounce than O.K. so for the sake of convenience people modified it to simple Ok and by the time this word became so much popular that it is now used in Each and Every the Formal Conversations ( like  Business talk ) to the Informal Chit Chats ( Talk Between friends, relatives, Facebook and Whatsapp Chats). Because of Wide and profound usage of this word people started using this word as it is in multiple languages ( such as Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and almost every language ).

Table of Contents

1 Ok abbreviation meaning
2 Origin of word OK
3 Two popular theories which  talk about History of Word Ok.
4 what is the meaning of word okay and Difference between Ok and Okay.
5 OK emoji
6 Use of Word Ok and Examples for easy understanding.
7 Ok Word Use in Different Languages
8 Ok Full Form in English Worldwide.

Ok Full form in English

In Greek OK can be abbreviated as Olla Kalla and it has Its meaning in English is All Correct.

Ok abbreviation meaning 

All right, Accepted, Agreed, Fine, All Right etc. Now Instead of using Ok full form in English as All Correct or All right, people prefer to use short forms like Ok or Okay because they are short simple and easy to pronounce.


What is the History of OK?

There is no perfect proof of its origin because it has been evolving from very long time so we cannot trace its exact source or time of origin.

There are two popular theories which  talk about History, Origin and Evolution of Word Ok.


First Theory – According to this theory the word Ok was first written in 1839  in Bostons Popular Newspaper in its Morning post to denote All Correct. Later people started making fun of it and here it got its first spread.


Second Theory – It gained lot more popularity in 1840 in times of Presidential campaign of Martin Van Buren. As Van Buren’s Birthplace was ‘Old Kinderhook’ so people nicknamed him and made slogans by his birthplace “Vote for Ok” for the campeign. After that the spread and popularity of this word started increasing day after day and although van burens party lost the elections but the spread of the word OK did not stop.


Okay meaning in English – Ok or Okay which one is correct.

Both Ok and Okay denote the same, Okay is just the way of speaking or writing ok for different individuals. This accent got popular with spread of word Ok but they both mean the same. so Okay meaning in English is the same as Ok meaning. Now If you ask is okay a word, so yes ok is a word.



Where did OK come from?

It is actually originated from the Greek word Olla Kalla which means All Correct. Later peoples made it into Oll Korrect which is actually a misinterpretation. It was first written in Boston’s Morning Post.

Is objection Killed full form of OK?

Yes, Objection killed is one of the full form of OK, It means Objection Cleared or Doubt Cleared but this full form of OK is not much popular. The Most Popular full form of OK is Oll Korrect or say it as All correct.


When did OK enter the English language?

This word OK was first introduced to the world 23rdMarch 1839. It was mentioned in Boston’s Morning post, where its meaning was taken for all correct.


What came first OK or okay?

Okay has Originated from OK. Okay is just the way of speaking, other than that both OK and Okay are same.


When was OK first used?

This word OK was first introduced to the world 23rdMarch 1839. It was mentioned in Boston’s Morning post, where its meaning was taken for all correct.


Is OK Universal?

Not Officially, but YES it is very commonly used by peoples in their talks and it is used in 90 % of the languages of India and foreign countries. Nowadays it is used in Marathi, Hindi, English and many more languages.


OK emoji

Many OK emojis are used to represent specific feelings and make conversations more solid and colourful.

👍 This symbol is simply used to represent neutral Yes to the decision.

👌 This symbol is used to represent Ok, In the sense of Nice or Welldone.

🆗 This is the plain use of OK Emoji as OK word itself.


Use of Word Ok.

Ok word is used in so many ways to denote so many different things. It is used to denote Acceptance, Agreement, approval and many time it is used to convey the sign of indifference. Another wide meaning of word Ok are Its fine, all Right, All correct, Agreement to someone or something, In many cases it is also used to check Condition or state of a person or a thing, the meaning of Ok varies with time and circumstances according to the sense of the sentence in which it is being used.


Here are some Examples Indicating use of Word OK.

 1) Are you Ok, Do you Need some medicines

In this statement Ok word is used to check about persons Health condition, In this it is used as an alternative of word Alright.

 2) Sameer – I will meet you at the park.

Rakesh – Ok

In this Conversation it is used to show agreement to meet at the park.

 3) Manager to Employees – Is it Ok to keep meeting on tommorrow ?

In this case the Manager is asking to the employees that Is it alright if they keep the meeting Tomorrow.

This Refrigerator is in OK condition.

This Means that The Refrigerator is in Working Condition.

 4) Boyfriend – Can We Meet Tomorrow at the park.

Girlfriend – Okkkk.

In this Example The stressed form of Ok is shown which Represents strong agreement to the person.There can be many situations in which the word Ok can be used in lot more different ways.


 Ok Word Use in Different Langauages

 It is used with same meaning in many of the languages like Hindi, Marathi Gujrati and Many other European languages in india and other countries.


Ok Full Form in English Worldwide.

Objection Killed

Objection Knock

All Clear


Olla Kalla

Old Kinderhook etc.


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So friends In this article we saw how the word Ok Originated, Evolved and Became Popular in Centuries. We saw the Two Theories indicating the Origin of Word OK and How this Greek Word Olla Kalla later misspelled into Oll Korrect became Ok. We also saw the wide use of word Ok in Formal and Informal Conversations and writings worldwide and how it is used differently in different situations to show different Expressions. We saw Different Emojis used for denoting different feelings. We also saw some Examples indicating the use of word OK for different scenarios. This is word is used worldwide in many countries and is mixed with their native languages giving them more simple and easy way to express their opinions.

 So That’s it for this article on Ok Full form in English and If you have any queries write them down in the comment section below.



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