Mediatek Helio G90T vs Snapdragon 855


 Mediatek Helio G90T vs Snapdragon 855


Today in this article we are going to compare between Mediatek Helio G90T and Snapdragon 855 and at the end of this article we are going to find which one is best value for money. In this article we will see the benchmarks by geekbench which will tell us about overall performance of the both the processors, also we are going to compare between their gpu capabilities and resolution support for display and camera resolution support in photo and video aspects, we will see on which fabrication they are based on and what do they have to offer, we will see how much ram do they support, which ISP ( Image Signal Processing) is used in them, How much clock speed do they have to offer and on which freequency they come, do they have support of 5G or not, what download and upload speed do they offer, How many watts fast charging is supported in them, we will see the number of cores used in both of the processors and at last we will see what else do they have to offer. so lets check them out.

       Before we start lets know that this comparison is very unfair because Helio G90T is released in on 30 july 2019 and Snapdragon 855 is released on 4 dec 2018, because there is a year gap between both of these processors. The reason why we are comparing these processors is because we juat want to check that in their price brackets which performs better and which one is more value for money option to go with.


Mediatek Helio G90T vs Snapdragon 855

Geekbench score

first of all we will see the  geekbench score of both the processors which will tell us how is the overall performance of this processors, so the G90T processor has benchmark score of 2410 in single core and 7193 in multi core, on the other hand SD 855 has benchmark score of 3697 in single core and in multi score it is 10469. So that means 855 provides better overall performance than that of g90t.

Winner – SD 855


CPU fabrication or Semiconductor –

The G90T is based on the 12nm ( nanometer) fabrication process and the SD 855 is based on 7nm fabrication process. If you do not know lesser the number of nanometers in fabrication better the processor, because smaller the size, the data exchange becomes fast and easy, less power is consumed to transfer the signals and communicate.

Winner – SD 855


Display Resolution support

The display resolution support in Helio G90T is 2400 * 1080 that means it supports Full HD+ display, on the other hand, the Snapdragon 855 supports up to 4K UHD graphics with HDR 10 supported, that means it supports upto 5120 * 2160 resolution. Here we can clearly see that second one is a lot better than the first one but nowadays full HD+ is also more than enough for an average user.

    Winner – Tie


Camera Support

The Helio G90T supports max upto single 48 MP 30 fps camera, 48 MP 30 fps camera and Dual 24 + 16 MP 30 fps camera, On the other hand, SD 855 supports max single-camera up to 192 MP, single 48 MP 30 fps and Dual 22 + 22 MP 30 fps camera.

 Winner – Snapdragon 855


Video Capture Resolution Quality 

Camera support for G90T is up to 4K UHD 30 fps, FHD 120 fps and Slowmotion support up to 240 fps. Camera support for SD 855 is upto 4K HDR 60 fps HDR 10, Full HD up to 240 fps and slow-motion up to 480 fps.

  Winner – Snapdragon 855


Image Signal Processing ( ISP ) –

If you do not know what ISP is, the ISP is the Image processing unit which comes with the processor, better the processor better the image processing,Helio G90T gets optimized triple Image signal processor Where the Model is not specified and in SD 855 we get Qualcomm snapdragon spectra 380.

Winner – Depends on Modal of G90T


Ram Support 

G90T supports Dual Channel LPDDR 4X RAM upto 10 GB maximum ram support where the clock speeds is 2133 MHz, on the other hand SD 855 has Quad-channel LPDDR 4X ram support where maximum ram can go up to 16GB where the clock speed is 2733MHz. That means the Snapdragon 855 will be faster than G90T

 Winner – Snapdragon 855.


GPU ( Graphics Processing Unit ) 

In G90T Mali G76 GPU is used which has speed 800 MHz which is a good GPU while in Snapdragon 855 Adreno 640 GPU is used. Both are Good GPUs.

 Winner – Tie


Network Support 

It supports Maximum upto 4G LTE where the download speeds are 600 Mbps and upload speed is up to 150 Mbps and on the other hand Snapdragon 855 gives a lot better support, It supports max download speed up to 2 Gbps and max upload speed up to 316 Mbps.

 Winner – Snapdragon 855


Fast Charging

Both phones support fast charging, for G90T the wattage is not mentioned while Snapdragon supports up to 27-watt fast charging.

 Winner – depends on the wattage of G90T


There are many other amazing Technologies which come with both of these processors, G90T comes with Mediatek Hyperengine Gaming Technology, dual wake up word support, Intelligent speed uplift (Wifi + LTE) which saves from network dropping. Snapdragon 855 comes with 4th gen AI engine where 7 trillion operations can be performed per second. It can capture up to 4K HDR Video portrait mode, Supports HDR in gaming, Supports 5G Snapdragon x50 modem and Vulkan 1.1 graphics Drivers.


Final Verdict 

As such Snapdragon is much ahead in all the things, but Helio G90T is also a good option if it comes in good price range and if you are an Average consumer who doesnt need this huge features. So My opinion will be that you go with Price to performance ratio who is giving you better performance in lesser price that one will be better always. So in this article we discussed about Mediatek Helio G90T vs Snapdragon 855, I hope you liked this article, If still you have any queries then please ask in the comment section. Thank you.

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