Is JioFi worth buying?


 Is JioFi worth buying?

This is one of the best products on the market. It has a long battery life and is easy to use. The product’s benefit is that you can put the JioFi 4G Hotspot M2S 150 Mbps Wireless 4G router anywhere you want the best signal. However, the internet speed varies from time to time.


Which Jiofi is best?

With Jio’s launch, a new age of the digital era began, with a plethora of online opportunities ranging from industry to other sectors
With the advent of Jio, the online world has been consolidated with so many opportunities, and the internet has become very cheap in India.
There are various types of routers on the market, but Jio wifi hotspots stand out from the rest in terms of bandwidth and performance. You can also increase and boost your jiofi speed to get a faster internet connection.
We’ll go through all the specifications, specs, and efficiency benchmarks of the top three best Jio Wifi 4G hotspot devices in 2020 in this post.

Reliance Jio Wi-Fi M2

Jio’s first-ever 4G WiFi hotspot system, with excellent 4G speed, video, and HD voice calls performance. And 2G/3G smartphones that don’t support 4G can now connect to the internet via 4G. It handles up to ten wifi devices admirably.

LTE (2300/1800/850MHz) is the industry standard for WAN. Just 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n
MicroSD Card, Micro-USB Port, and Nano SIM Battery are the external interfaces. 2300mAh Capacity

Reliance Jio Wi-Fi JMR540

You will enjoy 4G speed on your 2G/3G mobile, just like the JioFi M2 Hotspot. You can link up to 32 devices, but they suggest only using 10 because it can handle 10 devices without any problems. The battery life of the JioFi M2 and JioFi JMR540 is the biggest difference. It offers more surfing hours, and the firmware has been revamped from previous JioFi models.
LTE (2300/1800/850MHz) is the standard for WAN. Just IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4G
Micro-SD Card, Micro-USB Port, and Nano SIM Battery are the external interfaces. 2600mAh capacity

Reliance Jio Wi-Fi JMR1040

The Reliance Jio Wi-Fi JMR1040 is Reliance’s most recent JioFi unit, with the best battery life and efficiency. Users can use 4G internet on any platform and make HD voice and video calls. You can enjoy streaming, gaming, and web browsing with ease thanks to the long battery life of up to 8-9 hours. This is the best system Jio has ever made for using 4G internet on older computers. Users will take advantage of the various unlimited plans by buying JioFi along with a Jio Sim.
LTE (2300/1800/850MHz) is the standard for WAN. Just IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4G
Micro-SD Card, Micro-USB Port, and Nano SIM Battery are the external interfaces. 3000mAh capacity

Plans from JioFi

There are currently three chargeable plans, and users who purchase JioFi along with a Jio sim can get a few data benefits. The following are some of the plans:
Get 1.5 GB data per day, unlimited Jio to Jio mobile calls, and Jio to landline calls when you activate the SIM with an FRC of Rs. 199 (1.5GB data/day for 28 days) + Rs. 99 for Jio Prime membership.
Enable the SIM with an FRC of Rs. 249 (2GB data per day for 28 days) + Rs. 99 for Jio Prime membership AND get 2 GB data per day, unlimited Jio to Jio mobile calls, and unlimited Jio to landline calls.
Enable the SIM with an FRC of Rs. 349 (3GB data per day for 28 days) + Rs. 99 for Jio Prime membership AND get 3 GB data per day, unlimited Jio to Jio mobile calls, and unlimited Jio to landline calls.
All of the above deals include 1000 offnet mobile minutes per 28 days (then at 6 p/min) and 100 national SMS per day for 140 days. If you already have a Jio sim with Prime membership, you can recharge your system at any time with plans and data boosters.
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How does JioFi device work?

You are most likely living in a cave if you are unaware of Jio Preview. I’m assuming you aren’t, so we’ll skip over the part about how this demo deal includes unlimited internet, HD voice calls, and other benefits.
Until now, users had to purchase a LYF phone and pay a minimum of Rs. 4000 to be eligible for the bid. With the launch of the JioFi router, however, everyone can now take advantage of the Jio Preview bid. The price is Rs. 2899. The JioFi Router allows up to 31 devices to connect to the internet.
We got our hands on a JioFi router and wanted to do a walkthrough on how to set it up and get it up and running.
JioFi lets you build your own portable WiFi hotspot that can connect up to 31 devices to the internet at the same time. MicroSD card capacity of up to 32 GB is supported by the system.
Apart from that, Jio Voice can be used to make calls via JioFi, which is currently free during the Jio Preview offer of three months. The 2300 mAh battery, according to Jio, has a standby time of 300 hours and an operating time of about 8 hours.
This portable WiFi Hotspot becomes invaluable while travelling or outdoors since it can operate for nearly 8 hours without recharging.

How to Configure a JioFi System

Ensure that your SIM card is active.
Remove the JioFi Router’s back cover.
Place your Jio SIM card in the Sim Tray.
Make a mental note of the SSID and password (PWD)
For a few seconds, click the button.
You can access the internet until the light turns green.

Let’s look at each of these indicators in greater detail.

When you buy JioFi, a Jio SIM card will be included. Second, double-check that the SIM card is correctly inserted. This is how you do it.

Remove the back cover of the book.

Place your Jio SIM card in the Sim Tray.

After you’ve successfully inserted the SIM card, close the back cover and replace the battery. You can also insert the SD card at this time if necessary.

Please make a note of the SSID and password (PWD) before inserting the battery, as you will need them later to attach devices to the hotspot.

After that, you can place the battery in the unit and close the back cover. If the battery is not charged, make sure to charge it to at least 50% capacity with the provided wire and adapter. After the unit has been charged, press the top button for a few seconds to see four icons light up.

The SIM card can be triggered in two ways. When you dial 1800-890-1977 from any phone number, your JioFi data services will begin. Alternatively, you can activate data+voice services by inserting the SIM card into a VoLTE phone and dialling 1977. You can start using your JioFi system once you receive a confirmation SMS indicating that your SIM is enabled and ready to use.
Look for the SSID and password that you noted earlier on your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. Link it to WiFi, and if your SIM is correctly activated, you should be able to link all of your devices to the internet.

By going to the JioFi Router’s administration screen, you can change the default SSID and password. Administrator/administrator is the default login name and password, but you can change them!

Your JioFi device is now ready to use as a hotspot.

During our tests, we consistently received speeds of 10 to 15 Mbps. You should position the JioFi system in a location with good reception to ensure that you get good speeds. The system range is adequate, and we were able to get 1-2 bars with two rooms separated by two walls.
Overall, the JioFi computer is an excellent buy, and if you are a regular internet user, you should seriously consider buying one from your nearby Reliance Digital shop.


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