Best social media for organic reach 2021


Best social media for organic reach 2021

Despite the fact that major social networking networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat) dominate different segments, the landscape is constantly changing. New platforms appear some extend, others contract, and some incorporate features that alter competitive dynamics. However, even as “pay to play” becomes more prevalent, platforms of opportunity will still exist in 2021. We look at two current channels (LinkedIn and Pinterest) for organic reach opportunities and the potential to push traffic to your own properties in our final deep dive on 2021 Trends with trend #5. We also consider Tik Tok, a relatively new and increasingly growing site, for audience fit.

Trend #5 for 2021: There are already networks with promise.

Each platform has its own audience, capabilities, and features. Most companies will be better off concentrating their attention on only one or two of these, and either forgetting about the others or dramatically reducing their efforts in the others. Pay-to-play will continue to dominate in 2020 as ad costs increase, as organic reach declines – this is especially true on Facebook, but also increasingly on Instagram.


Any new feature should be used as soon as it is released, as this ensures maximum organic reach while the platform builds excitement around it. Instagram Stories and IGTV are both good examples. Instagram is the second most common marketing platform, after Facebook. In terms of organic reach, Instagram Stories has the most potential in 2020, but as the feed gets more crowded and Facebook applies the same pay-to-play policy, this may change. Although Facebook has been promoting native video and live video in recent years, suggesting that the features would provide users with more organic reach, it’s strange that video was not listed at all in Mark Zuckerberg’s recent update.


LinkedIn is for a lot more than just job hunting. It’s like Facebook for company when it comes to sharing information. Every day at work, a significant number of people log in to communicate, learn, and gain insight. The targeting and attitude are great. Organic scope on LinkedIn for personal posts is still a big opportunity. Since the algorithm keeps content active longer, and posts are pulled to the top of the feed with reminders that people in your circle have posted, I’ve seen views of over 4,000. On Facebook, that kind of organic scope is unheard of.

LinkedIn marketing tactics

Post regularly. Every day is ideal.

Share curated content – things that will pique people’s interest in your profession – but be sure to include your own twist as an introduction. As a result, you’ll reap the benefits of association.

Post original content that establishes you as a thought leader, preferably from your blog or podcast.

Articles should be published on LinkedIn’s publisher. This may be repurposed blog posts or new content created specifically for this purpose. These papers have the potential to reach a much larger audience than your personal connections.

Make use of #hashtags. Determine the hashtags that would better channel your content for your industry and company, and make sure to use them on a regular basis.


Pinterest is the final site with a massive 2020 potential for some. Pinterest is basically a visual search engine similar to Google, with your content (in the form of pins) leading directly to your website. People on Pinterest are looking with purpose, rather than scrolling aimlessly like they are on other sites. And unlike every other network, Pinterest is able to deliver them directly to your site. That’s a significant difference that many businesses miss, and it may be an advantage this year as platforms become more crowded and costly.

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