How to Enable / Disable WPS in JioFi | How connect WPS to JioFi?

In this article we are going to discuss on, What is WPS in jiofi and how to connect your smartphones and Tablets using WPS option.

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What is WPS in Jiofi




How to connect your smartphones and Tablets using WPS Option


Advantage of using WPS connection


Disadvantages of using WPS connection


How to disable WPS in jiofi

What is WPS in Jiofi

WPS which actually stands for wifi protected setup is an option for the wifi owner to connect any user without sharing the password.

for example,

If you want to share your wifi with your friends but you dont want to share your wifi password with them, In that case you can directly share your connection with wps option available on your jiofi router. Moreover it is actually the faster way of connecting.

How to Enable / Disable WPS in JioFi

How to Enable WPS in JioFi

First of all you should go to the Settings of your smartphone, Tablet or PC and then go to the Wifi Settings.


Now click onto the “Advanced” or “Additional Settings” option available in the Wifi section.


Now click on the “WPS push option” or “WPS connect” option for searching networks.


At the same time press the WPS Button available on Jiofi and keep it pressed for 3-5 seconds for it to get activated.
Now you will see the available network in the WPS option of your phone.

How to Disable WPS in JioFi

If your WPS button is ON then anyone can connect with your jiofi without any password, so that becomes a risk if hackers attack your jiofi. So to Disable WPS in jiofi you will have to follow the steps given below,

Step 1 - First of all open your smartphone's browser and search for http://jiofi.local.html/ or simply ( in the search or web address section of your browser.

Note - It is important that you should be using Jiofi for accessing that site. 

Step 2 - Now you will enter the Jio website and there you will see Login option given at the left corner of the screen. Click on the Login button.

Step 3 - Now you will get the option there to enter the Username and Password for Login.

Note - If you are having problem or error in logging in then try typing (Username - administrator) and (Password - administrator).

Step 4 - Now the Next window will open, here you have to go to the SETTINGS section and then enter the WPS option.

Step 5 - Now as you will see the two options for WPS, Disable and Enable. There you have to tick to the Disable option and click apply.

Step 6 - Now the router will get Turned OFF for some seconds and when it will get ON you will see that the WPS has been turned OFF. 

Step 7 - Now even if you try connecting to WPS then also it will not turn ON. For that you will have to again go to the website or you will have to reset complete jiofi and then anyone will be able to enable the WPS in jiofi.


Q1. What is the work of WPS button in JioFi?

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and It is used to connect the devices to the wifi (Jiofi) router without any password.

Q2. How connect WPS to JioFi?   


To connect to Jiofi you simply have to “TURN ON” the WPS option on router and the connecting device, search for the network and connect to the server.

Q3. Should WPS be on or off?

WPS should be kept off whenever not necessary. Anyone can connect to your Wi-Fi router without password if your WPS is ON, So it is highly risky because hackers can anytime breach into your network.

Q4. What happens when I press the WPS button on my router?

When you press the WPS button on your router and the clients device, the client can directly connect to the router without any SSID or password.

Advantage of using WPS connection

1.In the case when you are the owner of Jiofi you can avoid telling your password to others and you have full control over the time others can have access to your wifi.

2.WPS system uses automatic Configuration for WPA Security key and SSID for the access point and the client device.

3.It makes connecting to the wifi network more Easier and Faster.

Disadvantages of using WPS connection

1.All the devices connecting to the network must be WPS compatible or say WPS supported otherwise they will not be able to establish the connection.

2.The major disadvantage of WPS is that it can be easily hacked even with mere Rooted smartphone Device then what to say of the PCs or Laptops.



Friends in this article I have covered all the Important things you wanted to know like What is WPS, Advantages and Disadvantages og using WPS option, Frequently asked questions about WPS in jiofi and How to Enable / Disable WPS in JioFi and how to connect your smartphones and Tablets using the WPS option.


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